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Fast text input method (also known as predictive text input) used in mobile phones. This program demonstrates the same in PC. You can use your own dictionary (in your own language).

The idea is that when writing SMS with phone, you need only one keystroke for each letter.

E.g. When you want to write word "Hello", you just type "43556".

Source code & executables

source, ELF executables and sample word list: ft.tgz (74k)

Java (J2SE 1.4)
FT.jar (15k) FT Application (start with java -jar FT.jar)
You can also start FT as an Applet version here. NOTE: Applet version could run only in appletviewer (due applet's security restrictions)!
FT_source.tgz (10k) Full source code including Makefile and unit tests (start with make test or make testGui, needs junit).

Dictionary-files to use with Java version of FT. Download at least this first one (opened at startup as default-dictionary), if you don't want to start with creating your own. Dictionary file can be plain ascii or packed with zip. (20k) dictionary file, about 6 000 words, english (106k) dictionary file, about 29 000 words, finnish (860k) dictionary file, about 237 000 words, finnish

Online FastText API documentation for your own development projects
FT API documentation is created from source with javadoc tool.


Fast Text Java implementation
FT screenshot

FTManager is used for converting (sort, optimize and pack) dictionary files. Started from Conv button of FTDemo.
FTManager screenshot

Screenshot of old version (C++ implementation, CUI)
FT screenshot

- In second line of this text screen, there is printed library size in words.
- Then there is key order and letters of those keys. When using PC's keypad it is "upsidedown". Top line; 8 =abc, 9=def. Bottom line; 1=pqrs, 2=tuv, 3=wxy. Center line is in normal order.
- Next there is those words that are written with FT. Normally these whole word in on the same line, but here those are on separate lines (for demonstration purposes).

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