Bitmap rotate


Experimental program to test bitmap rotation by dividing square to four squares and moving those blocks clockwise. This is repeated recursively to these divided squares and so on... until size of square is one pixel!

Nice demo effect! This could be implemented with animation (both square moves and background picture animated)!

Source code & executables

Linux (gcc)
bm_rotate-full.tgz (183k) source, sample bitmap and linux executable.
bm_rotate-source.tgz (1.9k) source.

You also will need SDL-1.2 library (development environment for compiling, runtime environment for execution).


After first divide and move
Screenshot 1

After second divide and move
Screenshot 2

Someone would say that it is rotated (but it is drawn as mosaic!)
Screenshot 3

Almost rotated
Screenshot 4

Bitmap is rotated 90 degrees
Screenshot 5

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