Here are some of my coding projects (with short description, source code and screenshots). These are mainly implemented with C++ in Linux. Some projects are possible compile to windows with Borland 5.5 C++ compiler. There may be even already compiled executable for windows, check this out...

SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) library is used for graphics, mouse and keyboard handling, when needed. SDL is great help if you need portable graphics library for games and demos etc.

Now I have started coding also with Java. You can find my first-ever-on-the-net java application/applet from here: Kivi-Paperi-Sakset (only finnish) it is too simple to put under Projects heading...

My second-ever-on-the-net java application/applet is FastText input, which matches much better under Projects heading...


FastText, now also in Java!
Fast Text input method used in mobile phones (also known as predictive text input).

Ristinolla (tic-tac-toe)
Using simple logic, this game will hit you...

Artificial Life in computer. Including evolution of course...! Original idea by Tom Ray. With simple assembler language, you can make tierra program that copy itself and start evolution by mutations.

3D graphics simulation of cloth

Tetris is played by programming. Player write code for blocks and then let them run! Code is written using very simple C-like language and api.

Bitmap rotate
Experimental program to test bitmap rotation by dividing square to four squares and moving those. This is repeated recursively to these divided squares and so on... Nice demo effect!

Computer vision system
Program that finds shapes from pictures. This can be used to detect text...

Balance is program that demonstrates Self Balancing System.

Unpack .tgz and .tar.gz archives with

tar xvzf filename

Source only stuff (not useful alone)

Test Suite
Unit test suite for C++. This is already used in Tierra testing, so you can look those test cases to get yourself familiar with test suite.

Matrix Template
matrix template for C++, (for 3D graphics programming) (original by Somnath Kundu). This is used in kangas, 3D graphics simulation of cloth.


SDL - Simple DirectMedia Layer.
STL - Standard Template Library, nowadays part of C++ standard library. Great help for generic programming.
gcc - GNU Compiler Collection
Borland C++ 5.5 - Great,  free, new C++ compiler for Win32.



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